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Steven is a college student who cannot work full time during the school year, but he does a lot of yardwork. He has his own equipment, he just needs more customers.
Business description: Bags grass, Yards edged and trimmed. All clippings blown off any driveways or sidewalks. Aerates lawns, fertilizes, weeding done. Mulch delivered.
Referrals are welcome.
Steven's green truck
Work rain or shine (or snow)
Hours-summer: 5 customers needed each weekday, 3 for the weekend.
Lawn mowing for 1/2 acre yards, mulching, light yard work,Weekly service.
Hedge Trimming $25 an hour.

Fall: 2 customers on Fridays, 4 for Sat. and Sun. (Back to school)
Mowing, mulching, leaf blowing, and raking, leaves hauled away.
Gutter cleaning, $1.50 a foot.

Winter: Removes snow on shorter driveways. Requires a contract.
Billing for all services will be monthly.
Service cost:
Steven has done this work since he was in middle school and is very experienced. He has many reccomendations and can provide them on request.
He also has a cell phone, email, and this web site.

Spring: Because of his exam schedule, he does not want to advertise too many services in the Spring, until the beggining of May.
Email him.