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© 2008 Garrett and Candice

Webstites are easy and fun to make. Once you're done, it should look really cool.

First, you obviously need a computer.

Next, you need notepad, which comes with any computer.

When you shake it, make sure this is the only tab open.

There is much code to make a website, and it takes a while to make a full website

If you have no idea what any code is, you can go to Lissa Explains, this website has everything you need to start.
This is howto make a table
You can put imagesand links here, too!

To find out how I did all of these things go to my code. On the tool bar go over to view and down to source.
Theres's a lot written there, right! The "Shake It Up" button and the rain I got from
The rest I wrote myself!

A basic website should look like this:
<title>Your title goes here!</title>
Your body goes here!

There are more complicated things you can put in your code to make a better website, but this is the base of all websites.

Hint: the words in the brackets do not have to be capitalized.
Lissa Explains, the website I showed you at the begining, has the more complicated things like a scroll or a link.
Thats all you need to know to start your own website! Email me with your comments...