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A Story for the Simple Minded where I got these color changers.

OMG did you know what happened to day. I got a F on a inglesh test. My teacher is such a BFF, as in best freinds for not! I hope i do giood on the 500 points test tommorow. Ill just cheet off the person next to me. He is such a nerd. He got a C on that test. What a dork! Ha Ha. Like I was totally on facevook yesterday and like she like ya like you know like ugh! She is so like, ya. OMG I hope she will totally like, you know, like that. Then, OmG this was amazazing, Brad texted me. Like Brad Brad. He is so hot. OMG. He asked me to meet him at the mall later. Like, this is awesome. Like he is so totally like OMG. He can like ya. She is like so tollay jeleaus. She was just like, what like ya and I was like uh hu. But then she was like nu uh, and then I was like LOL Ya so thenshe was like unghhhhhhhh. Then the baby like sried so i was like ha and she was like waaaaaaaaaa. So then I was totally like ugh and then she was like waaa still and then I like totally left, Ya, i did it. So like ya, she is like ugh and im like totally so ugh like ya and my dad wont fix my laptop, Its not even like my fault that I spilled alcohol on it. Good thing like my dad thought it was like apple juice. So I was like ya and he was like ugh and ya so like totally ya. Dude, here is like a picture of my laptop.


So like ya. That like what happened like yup. Ugh and like ya. OMG, this website is so awesome. I hope people like it. This site cost me $100,000, but thats not that much. To leave, clickhere.



Ha, just kidding, you dont want to leave, right! If you do, here is a real link.

Here is a real link.



Ha, you just got JKed again. If you tired to do that, then OMG ur a r-tard. JK, i LOVE EVERYONE, EXCEPT HER. Like OMG remeber when i told u like about like totally when she like ugh ya, like ya.

Elmo is awesome!

We need some more craze stuf.










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If you can read this then you are the smartest person in the world. If not, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. even wen you highlight this you cant read it. Oh, I guess you can oh well etieitwhiiwhtwiehtihtiwothwihngksdghiwethklshgsklyhtgiehtlkshngkh. RANDOM.

ahririrhdkfjfkdjfpakdjflslarnanfdrandomrandomwordsand letters int eh middle of sentences and this is bor4ing I have nothing better totdo.