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Welcome to Hoover- Sports and Clubs

Hoover sports are most likely the best part of school. To make a sports team, you have to try out, and if you make it, you are the representatives for Hoover in that sport. If you don't make the team, you can still play intermurals. These are sports that are played before school and there are no try outs. You just form a team with your friends and try to make it to the finals.

Another fun part of Hoover is the clubs. There are too many clubs to count, and there are more formed each year. You can recommend a club be started, or join one that is already there. There are also trips like the ski trip and the spring trip.

There is the activity bus for those kids who can't get rides home after clubs, so don't fret about that. Just sit back and enjoy whatever you are doing. Check out the other parts of this site for more info on Hoover.

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